Susana Suárez Seoane

Profesora Titular de Universidad

Instituto Mixto de Investigación en Biodiversidad
Universidad de Oviedo, Campus de Mieres
Edificio de Investigación – 5ª planta
c/ Gonzalo Gutiérrez Quirós s/n
33600 Mieres, Asturias

Tel.:+34 985103000 (Ext. 5933)


Historial académico

  • 2019-present. Associate professor in Ecology (University of Oviedo, Organisms and Systems Department and Biodiversity Research Institute (CSIC – University of Oviedo – Principality of Asturias), Oviedo and Mieres (Spain)
  • 2007-2019. Associate professor (University of León, Ecology area, León, Spain)
  • 2002-2007. Assistant professor (University of León, Ecology area, León, Spain)
  • 2002. Post-doctoral Marie Curie Research Fellow (University of Oviedo, INDUROT, Oviedo, Spain)
  • 1999-2001. Post-doctoral Marie Curie Research Fellow (University of Stirling, Environmental Sciences Department, Stirling, UK)
  • 1998-1999. Research fellow (University of León, Ecology area, León, Spain)
  • 1998. PhD in Biology (University of León, León, Spain)
  • 1997-1998. PhD Marie Curie Research Fellow (French National Institute for Agricultural Research, SAD Armorique Department, Rennes, France)
  • 1993-1997. PhD Research Fellow (University of León, Spain
  • 1992. Degree in Biology (University of León, Spain)


Líneas de investigación

My research is mainly focused on the assessment of the effects of global change on landscape patterns and processes at different spatio-temporal scales, using Landscape Ecology principles as a conceptual framework and remote sensing techniques and spatial models as research tools. I have dedicated particular attention to the study of two main drivers of landscape dynamics: land use change (monitoring and evaluation of ecological consequences of land abandonment in agricultural and mountain landscapes) and wildfires (fire risk and post-fire recovery).



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